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 The Imperial Guard Alliance

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The Imperial Guard Alliance Empty
PostSubject: The Imperial Guard Alliance   The Imperial Guard Alliance EmptyWed Feb 01, 2012 9:49 pm

Clan Name:The Imperial Guard
Clan Website:Not in use but they have one
Leader(s):subzero axle, soon to be ku1978
Contact Information:
# of Members in Clan:82
Member list:
Average Level:1542
Allies and Enemies: to be discussed
What can your clan provide with the Clashing Knights?to be discussed
Reasons for wanting to ally with the Clashing Knights?to be discussed

Just had a meeting between heru myself and 2 officers of the other clan and the alliance has been accepted and confirmed the clashing knights have yet another ally fighting for the just cause

Note- sorry it took so long to reply i forgot to copy and paste into a new topic this matter has already been settled just reposting
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The Imperial Guard Alliance
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